Bulletin 10, Week 21, Semester 1, 2018-19




2018 -19


Dear primary school parents and families,


It has been an amazing first semester in the primary school at Haileybury, but we are sadly coming to an end. Through hard work and overcoming various trials and tribulations, staff and students have become stronger and more intelligent in many areas of life. Thank you for your support of the primary school this semester and we hope to continue collaborating with you again next semester. Our end of semester exams were held on the morning of the 9th of January. All students from years 1-6 completed exams in English, Chinese and Mathematics. Like, the mid semester exams, these ones were between 60 -90 minutes depending on the age of the students and the subject matter being examined. Leading up to the examinations, teachers had been working industriously to prepare students for their exams with students completing revision tasks and worksheets across the core subjects of English, Chinese and Mathematics. Examinations are important because they reinforce the importance of working hard during the regular semester and they encourage students to revise what has already been taught. Despite the subzero temperature outside, the staff and students all felt the heat from the pressure of these examinations. Students were relieved after the exams and many of our students performed exceptionally well.



On Friday the 11th of January, the primary school held an English-speaking competition at assembly for students in years 1-6. As you already know, being able to speak fluently is an important skill to acquire because it allows you to communicate with others. However, what you may not know is that being able to speak fluently also assists greatly in the learning of grammar. In other words, a person may not be able to read a language but if one can speak fluently then one will also know the grammar of that language. A total of 12 students participated in the competition and all responses were impromptu in nature. The competition was divided into two age categories which were lower (1-3) and upper primary (4-6). Participants in lower primary were given 80 seconds to describe a picture in as much detail as they could while participants in upper primary were given 30 seconds. The pictures were all taken from Cambridge’s Starters, Movers and Flyers picture book word list as external Cambridge English testing has been planned for our students. Congratulations to Astrid (year 1) who won the lower primary division and Jinny Guo (year 5) who won the upper primary age division. We will continue to organise similar English competitions and events so that more of our students have even more opportunities to use and express themselves in English.

1月11日星期五,小學部1-6年級的學生在校會上舉行了一次英語演講比賽。能夠流利地交流是一項重要的技能,因為這能讓你與他人交流。而且,流利地交流也有助于學習語法。換句話說,一個人可能不能讀,但如果一個人能流利地說,那么他就能懂這個語言的語法。共有12名學生參加了比賽,所有的回答都是即興的。比賽分為兩個年齡段,低年級組(1-3年級)和高年級組(4-6年級)。低年級的同學有80秒的時間來盡可能詳細地描述圖片,而高年級的同學有30秒的時間來描述圖片,這些照片都是從劍橋大學的Starters, Movers, Flyers圖畫書單詞表中精心選取的,這已經計劃成為我們英語測的材料。祝賀Astrid(一年級)獲得小學部低年級段冠軍,郭津彤(五年級)獲得小學部高年級段冠軍。我們將繼續舉辦類似的英語比賽和活動,激發更多的學生在日常學習生活中使用和表達英語。



It was great to see you at the end of semester parents’ meeting in the school auditorium on the morning of the 16th of January. The meeting showcased some of the best talents of our primary school students. Parents were able to glean more into the education as well as the daily lives of their children.  Head of primary, Ms. Vivian Jia commenced proceedings by giving a summary speech about this semester. Following this, upper primary English coordinator - Mr. William Fang and lower primary English coordinator - Mr. Nathan Williamson also gave overviews of the primary school’s English programs. After the speeches, there were many spectacular performances. These included a wonderful dance routine from our year twos, Chinese readings, an art performance, sport and science exhibits and English stage presentations. The meeting was a snapshot of the enormous amount of talent in our primary school which continues to develop with every passing year. I am sure you enjoyed watching the morning’s remarkable shows and performances.



Lastly, I am glad to announce that our school will participate in the CCTV Star of Outlook competition this year. This year is the 20th anniversary of the competition. As you may already know, our primary school students performed exceptionally well in the competition last year with current year 5 student, Jinny Guo, winning the upper primary Tianjin division and coming 11th in the national finals last year and current year 4 student, Hulk Zhang, winning the lower primary Tianjin division and coming in the top 50 in the national finals in 2018. Round one and round two of the CCTV Star of Outlook competition will be held at our school in the early weeks of the second semester and will be offered free of charge to our students so all students will be required to participate.  Those who progress into round two will be asked to purchase a 98 RMB CCTV handbook and certificate.


CCTV Round Dates 比賽日期

CCTV Round 1 第一輪: 

Week of February (二月) 25th

CCTV Round 2 第二輪: 

Week of March (三月)4th

So how do you register? Firstly, all our primary school parents are asked to scan the QR code below and register for the competition by completing the online registration tab (在線報名). There is also a set of English test questions which also needs to be answered. In round one, students speak for a maximum of 60 seconds on any topic of their choosing without the usage of notes or palm cards. If they have a talent performance, this can only be for a maximum of 30 seconds with the English speech being the other 30 seconds. After the presentation, they will also be asked some questions by our judges. In round two, students will be given 60 seconds to answer the ‘My Dream’ topic again without the usage of any notes or palm cards. They will then be asked questions by the judges on the topic for another 30 seconds. Students are also able to perform a talent show during this second round, but the talent performance must be closely related to the topic of their speech. We hope you will continue to support your child in this renowned national English competition and we trust our students will continue to shine brightly this year.


William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, Grad Dip Ed. (Primary), B. Min (Hons.))

方士銓  (教育碩士,文學士/教育學士,教育研究生(小學), 神職學士(榮譽學士學位))

English Curriculum Coordinator - Primary School (Upper Primary)

Haileybury Tianjin International School






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