Dear Parents,


The Art of Public Speaking is an important aspect of success and confidence for all people. The ability to stand in front of an audience and speak confidently to give information, persuade or influence others, explain an idea or hope or dream can change the world. Confidence is the key to public speaking and the more practice students get, the more confident they will be on the next stage. The great leaders of the world and the great CEO‘s of companies can confidently deliver their message by speaking in public.


Haileybury International School is pleased to again be a part of the CCTV Star of Outlook Talent Competition which allows students to “stand up and speak”. In 2017-18, we had 2 students reach the National Finals so with our new system in place, we endeavour to have more students join the National Stage.


The preliminary rounds of the CCTV Star of Outlook competition will be held at Haileybury. In the first round all students from years 1 – 11 will present a 60-second self-introduction in English and answer questions from the CCTV judges. For the second round, students will speak and perform a talent about their ‘Dream’ as well as answer questions.


For the first and second rounds, Haileybury will cover the costs of the fees. However, those students who are eligible for the second round and who accept, will need to pay a small fee of RMB 98, for a required book and the Certificate. For those going on to the third round, each student will need to pay a nominal fee of RMB 580.


Students need to register on-line and the directions are in the attached letter. As this event is part of our curriculum and syllabus, all ESL teachers in Primary, Middle and Senior Schools will be supporting this important event for your child with training in the last week of semester 1 and the beginning of semester 2. We will ensure your child progresses through the rounds as their needs require.


The following are the important dates:

Round 1: week of February 25 at Haileybury

Round 2: week of March 11 at Haileybury

Round 3: to be determined by the CCTV organisers.





We look forward to hearing your child stand and speak on stage in the coming competition.


Cheryl Ann McKenna

Head of ESL English Programme 




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